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What is WETT Certification?

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) is a non-profit training association that promotes the safe operation of wood-burning systems in Canadian homes. The Wood Energy Technical Training program enables individuals involved in the retail, installation, inspection, or maintenance of wood-burning appliances to attain a high level of competency within their specific discipline.

Many insurance companies now require that a completed report be filled out by someone with WETT certification. Only people who complete the entirety of the training will be considered WETT certified. Please note, your appliance will not be “WETT certified” upon inspection; it is the inspector who is WETT certified. 

Brian Fertuck at Origin Home Inspection Services Inc. has this specialized credential.
WETT inspections assess the condition of your wood burning system to ensure it is up to code. WETT inspections will assess your home by conducting a thorough visual inspection of the chimney, liner, flue, firebox, damper and hearth. Any potential fire hazards or nearby combustible materials are also taken into consideration.

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Wett certified

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