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Meet Brian Fertuck: Owner and Operator of Origin Home Inspection Services Inc.

My name is Brian Fertuck; I am the owner and operator of Origin Home Inspection Services Inc. 

I formed Origin Home Inspection Services Inc. knowing that those individuals that hired me would have their home or commercial space inspected by someone committed to providing them peace of mind and offering the latest in training and equipment for their home and building inspections. When you hire Origin Home Inspection Services Inc., you will receive the confidence you need to make an informed decision about your property investment.

I have spent many years in the construction, renovation, and home inspection industry. My work has taken me from the Prairies to northern and western B.C. Having worked in the industry in B.C. for over 25 years; I am well-versed with the standards expectations of homes and commercial buildings.

I have inspected all types of homes and commercial buildings, which also includes my Wood Energy Transfer Technician (WETT) skills. I have a clear criminal record and carry yearly Liability and Error & Omission insurance. I have had a claim-free inspection history.

I follow the Home Inspectors Association of BC Standards of Practice. You should be able to expect quality and integrity when purchasing a Home Inspection. My home and building inspections will give you a detailed and current report of the condition of your property. As your home inspector, I will provide you with a thorough, comprehensive inspection, with the ability for you to understand the outcome of that inspection.

I am here to offer you unparalleled confidence by offering you the highest quality of inspection available. I will provide you a service that goes beyond home inspection standards.


Training and Equipment

The basis of my home inspector training was through the Carson Dunlop Home Inspector educational program. I have acquired my Wood Energy Transfer technician training to attain my WETT license. Being a WETT inspector allows me to evaluate all types of wood burning appliances during a home inspection or apart from a home inspection. The Home Inspection Association of BC requires that you continuously advance your education yearly.

Thank you for visiting my website; if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact me.

Client Satisfaction

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