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Brian Fertuck, owner and operator of Origin Home Inspection Services Inc., is available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to help accommodate your busy schedule. Brian adheres to the standards and ethics set out by the Home Inspectors Association of B.C. and is covered by professional liability insurance for added protection. Inspections cover the following areas of concern: 

Building interior, exterior • Commercial • Roofs • Electrical • Plumbing • Heating, cooling • And more


Origin Home Inspection Services Inc. is ideally suited for most types of inspection:

  • Pre-purchase, pre-delivery inspections
  • New home warranty inspections
  • Commercial building inspection
  • New construction inspections
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Pre-list inspections
  • Insurance requirements

Inspection Equipment Used

  • Eye stick
  • Interior and exterior ladders
  • GFCI tester
  • Thermometer - laser/probe 
  • Radon tester
  • Voltage detector
  • Digital camera
  • Moisture meter
  • Thermographic technology

Your Home Inspection Report

As a client, you can choose between a printed electronic report or an electronic report sent to your email address. Your report will arrive within 24 hours following the inspection. As a client, you are welcome to accompany Brian, or you may elect to have your realtor fill in for you.

Should you opt out of the inspection, you will receive a post-inspection verbal report either in person or in the manner in which you choose. The report is a snapshot in time of the property and will prioritize deficiencies and safety issues. The report includes photos and illustrations that you can refer to when issues are identified. This report will not be released to anyone without your permission. It will be unbiased, detailed and comprehensive.

Do you require WETT testing? If so, Origin Home Inspection Services Inc. is qualified to help.

Wood-Burning Systems

If you require a WETT certified inspection, Origin Home Inspection Services Inc. can help. Call today.

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